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CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass

CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass

    • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass
    • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass
    • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass
    • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass
    • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass
  • CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine for Electronic Glass

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Saint Best
    Certification: Valid
    Model Number: SBT-A15-3

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1Set
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Customized
    Delivery Time: 15~30days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 48Sets/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    CNC Glass Drilling Machine: Automatic CNC Glass Drilling Machine Automatic Glass Drilling Machine: CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine
    Glass Drilling Machine: Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine CNC Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine: Automatic CNC Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine
    Automatic Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine: CNC Automatic Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine CNC Glass Driller: Automatic CNC Glass Driller

    SBT-A15-3 CNC Drilling Machine for Electronic/Household Electrical Appliances Glass

    Detail Information:

    Glass thickness: 4-12mm

    Hole diameter: Φ4 – φ50

    Moving speed:XY 3-12m/min

    X axis moving progress size: 0-800mm

    Y axis moving progress size: 0-500mm

    Concentricy tolerance:±0.2

    Our drilling glass machine features: High drilling efficiency, accurate positioning and ease of operation.


    Our main glass drilling machines are applied to following areas:


    NO.1:  CNC Drilling Machine for Electronic/Household Electrical Appliances Glass


    NO.2:  CNC Drilling Machine for Furniture Glass


    NO.3:  CNC Drilling Machine for Shower Room Glass


    NO.4: CNC Drilling Machine for Automobile Glass


    NO.5:  CNC Drilling Machine for Photovoltaic Solar Glass


    NO.6:  CNC Drilling Machine for Architectural Glass


    NO.7: Other Glass Deep-processing Equipment Which Product According to Order.


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s Driller,CNC Door Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Door Glass Driller,CNC Elevator Sightseeing Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Elevator Sightseeing Glass Driller,CNC Point Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Point Glass Driller,CNC Shower Room Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Shower Room Glass Driller,CNC Architecture Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Architecture Glass Driller,CNC Balcony Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Balcony Glass Driller,CNC Stair Armrest Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Stair Armrest Glass Driller,CNC Sightseeing Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Sightseeing Glass Driller,CNC Shower Room Door Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Shower Room Door Glass Driller,CNC Electronic Scale Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Electronic Scale Glass Driller,CNC Kitchen Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Kitchen Glass Driller,CNC Furnace Surface Glass Driller,Automatic CNC Furnace Surface Glass Driller,Furnace Surface CNC Glass Driller,Furnace Surface Automatic CNC Glass Driller,Single X Axis CNC Glass Driller,Single X Axis Automatic CNC Glass Driller,Shower Glass Industry L CNC Glass Driller,Shower Glass Industry L Automatic CNC Glass Driller,CNC Conveyor Single Head CNC Glass Driller,CNC Conveyor Single Head Automatic CNC Glass Driller,CNC Conveyor Double Head CNC Glass Driller,CNC Conveyor Double Head Automatic CNC Glass Driller,Combined CNC Glass Driller,Three Heads CNC Glass Driller,Three Heads Automatic CNC Glass Driller,CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Appliance Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Appliance Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Shower Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Shower Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Furniture Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Furniture Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automotive Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Automotive Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Railings Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Railings Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Craft Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Craft Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Art Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Art Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Electronic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Electronic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Electical Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Electical Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Household Electical Appliance Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Household Electical Appliance Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Home Appliance Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Home Appliance Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Stove Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Stove Glass Drilling Machine,CNC TV Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic TV Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC TV Monitor Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic TV Monitor Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Monitor Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Monitor Panel Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Backpane Glass Drilling Machine,Automatic Backpane Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Car Side Glass Drilling Machine,Automatic Car Side Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Truck Side Glass Drilling Machine,Automatic Truck Side Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Lighting Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Lighting Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Shelves Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Shelves Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Door Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Door Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Elevator Sightseeing Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Elevator Sightseeing Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Point Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Point Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Shower Room Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Shower Room Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Architecture Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Architecture Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Balcony Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Balcony Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Stair Armrest Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Stair Armrest Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Sightseeing Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Sightseeing Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Shower Room Door Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Shower Room Door Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Electronic Scale Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Electronic Scale Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Kitchen Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Kitchen Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Furnace Surface Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Automatic Furnace Surface Glass Drilling Machine,Furnace Surface CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Furnace Surface CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,Single X Axis CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Single X Axis CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,Shower Glass Industry L CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Shower Glass Industry L CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Conveyor Single Head CNC Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Conveyor Single Head CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Conveyor Double Head CNC Glass Drilling Machine,CNC Conveyor Double Head CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,Combined CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Three Heads CNC Glass Drilling Machine,Three Heads CNC Automatic Glass Drilling Machine,

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