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2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table

2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table

    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
    • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table
  • 2500x3000mm Automatic Vertical Glass Washing Machine with Tliting Table

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Saint Best
    Certification: Valid
    Model Number: SBT-LB2500T

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Seaworthy or customized
    Delivery Time: 15~30days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 68Sets/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    2500x3000mm Vertical Low-E Glass Washing Machine: Vertical Low-E Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table 2500x3000mm Vertical Low-e Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table: Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table
    Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing Washer: Automatic Low-e Glass Washing Machine Insulating Glass Washing Machine: Glass Washing&Drying Machine
    Insulating Glass Washing&Drying Machine: Low-e Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table 2500x3000mm Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table: Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table
    Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine: Double Glazing Low-e Glass Washing Machine With Tilting Table Double Glazing Low-e Glass Washing Machine: Double Glazing Glass Washer With Tilting Table
    Double Glazing Low-e Glass Washer: Vertical Low-e Glass Washer

         Vertical Low-E Glass Washing Machine SBT-LB2500T

    Low-E glass coating face detection
    6 Low-E Soft Nylon Brushes;the brushes distances is adjustable;

    The washing room have stainless water compartment flap,which avoid second glass pollution;

    The drying room is equipped with Mist separation device,which will avoid oil or mist to create bright spots;

    2 independent water tanks and water cycle;2 stainless steel pump;

    High air press and low noise blower;

    Bystronic Technology Air Knives;The air knives degree adjustable;

    Whole Stainless Steel cover for washing and drying section;

    Water Heating Function(Suggest use when the room temperature lower than 7 degree)

    Frequency speed control

    Cold light inspection for output conveyor


    Technical Data:

    Power: 3P 380V 50HZ  23Kw
    Water: Water consumption-0.5t/h; Water conductivity: 50μs/cm
    Max glass size: 2500×3000 mm
    Min glass size: 200×450mm
    Glass thickness: 3~15mm
    Glass washing speed:0~7m/min
    Low-e Brush:6Pcs
    Machine size:11000mm(L) × 2300mm(W) ×3400mm(H) 

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ass Low-E Washing machine with Tilting Table,Double Glazing Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Double Glazing Low-e Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Vertical Low-e Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Low-e Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,2500mm Insulating Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,2500mm Insulating Glass Low-E Washing machine with Tilting Table,2500mm Double Glazing Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,2500mm Double Glazing Low-e Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,2500mm Vertical Low-E Glass washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Vertical Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,Insulating Glass washer with Tilting Table,Insulating Glass Low-E washer with Tilting Table,Double Glazing Glass washer with Tilting Table,Double Glazing Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,Vertical Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Insulating Glass washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Insulating Glass Low-E washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Double Glazing Glass washer with Tilting Table,2500mm Double Glazing Low-e Glass washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Vertical Low-E Glass washing Machine,Automatic Glass Washing Machine,Automatic Low-e Glass Washing Machine,Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing Machine,Automatic Flat Glass Washing Machine,Automatic Double Glazing Glass Washing Machine,Glass Washing Machine,Automatic Vertical Low-E Glass washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Low-e Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Flat Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Double Glazing Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Glass Washing machine with Tilting Table,Automatic Vertical Low-E Glass washing washer,Automatic Glass Washing washer,Automatic Low-e Glass Washing washer,Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing washer,Automatic Flat Glass Washing washer,Automatic Double Glazing Glass Washing washer,Glass Washing washer,Automatic Vertical Low-E Glass washing washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Low-e Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Vertical Insulating Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Flat Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,Automatic Double Glazing Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,Glass Washing washer with Tilting Table,

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